• Procurement of Industrial Equipment and Materials EYMAQ specializes in procurement of materials and high technology equipment for electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, automation and control and industrial safety applications.

    In addition to providing equipment for the industrial sector, EYMAQ also provides all types of equipment, components and parts to meet the industry’s needs for preventive and corrective maintenance, and for the development of new applications and projects.

  • Consolidation of Purchases We know that today more than ever, you need to depend on an integrated service based on the effective management of all purchasing processes in real time, and subject to the strictest cost control measures. This is why we are able to provide our clients with such efficient purchase consolidation services. Through our processes, your orders are shipped taking into consideration your budget and time priorities.

    Let us know your needs and we will design a specific plan to meet your needs, based on lowering costs and optimizing the purchasing, transportation, storage, etc., costs.

  • Handling and Shipping Heavy Equipment

    At EYMAQ we are experts in the integration of all aspects of procuring and handling industrial equipment – from obtaining price quotes, purchase negotiations, export preparation, to delivery to the destination port, including needed documentation and financial transactions in the most cost-effective manner possible for our clients.
  • Land, Air or Sea Shipping Our Logistics department’s vast experience and the volume that we process with land transportation, airlines and ocean cargo providers, allows us to offer our clients competitive rates in multimodal transportation.

    The process of purchasing and shipping of goods from overseas to your destination can be very complex, especially if the goods require special handling due to their weight, size or other aspects.

    You will probably need EYMAQ’s assistance to complete your industrial equipment purchases. EYMAQ has the experience in shipping to your destination country, the contacts and relationships with the different transportation modalities to ensure your shipment arrives on time, in good condition, and with the correct documentation at a reasonable cost.