EYMAQ has the “Know How” needed to generate all the information related to the acquisition of industrial equipment and machinery, as well as cost estimates based on the scenario analysis. This has led us to the creation of our subsidiary, EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT, which is dedicated to project consulting and management for our clients.

EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT can be an extension of your project team helping to achieve your desired results. We can advise you in the required research for information in the planning of industrial projects, intermediation and management of equipment and machinery purchases and other related activities, including scrutiny of sales and shipment contracts. EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT is well equipped to provide technical assistance with engineers or highly specialized personnel.

Project consulting Large infrastructure projects require a careful detailed evaluation of requirements for planning and management of project budgets. Our consulting services include the participation of our experts in discussion rooms, conference calls, scenario analysis, costs, design of logistics systems for transporting goods, and provisioning of industrial equipment and materials for the project.

Intermediation If you already have established relationships with suppliers, but need an intermediary in US territory, EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT can assist you. Our services comprise representing your company throughout the different negotiation phases, attending meetings, equipment inspection, hiring of technical experts, obtaining comparative pricing, and all aspects related to the management of transportation and shipments.

Integration of documentation EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT provides this service to companies that have established relationships with industrial suppliers, but need professional management of all documentation for their US purchases. We provide this service at the request of our clients, and EYMAQ considers it on a case by case basis.

Engineering services As part of our project consulting offerings, EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT can provide the services of technical experts in the different branches of industry. Our consulting staff includes engineers from prestigious organizations. You can count on us if you require highly qualified personnel for problem resolution in the installation, start up, or maintenance of your machinery and equipment.

Research EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT can provide you up to date market research on new advances in industrial machinery, equipment and consumables. Our research services include analysis of options, comparison of like products, applications, uses and technical specifications, among others.

You can count on the participation of our experts on industrial machinery, equipment, installation and maintenance, to meet your needs anywhere in the world, until all aspects of the project are complete in your plant.