About Us

EYMAQ has been providing for over half a century the most qualified levels of experience in the acquisition and provisioning of specialized machinery, raw materials, parts and equipment for the industrial sector. Numerous companies worldwide in the mining, metal working, chemical, iron and steel, cement and tire manufacturing industries, among others, have used EYMAQ services throughout the years.

EYMAQ, known as an integral company serving international industries, has acquired a vast knowledge in the location, selection, evaluation, negotiation and logistics of new and used industrial equipment, its dismantling, handling and international transportation from anywhere in the world to its customer’s ultimate destination.

EYMAQ has developed a diverse offering of services to satisfy the specific needs of its distinguished clientele, from project consulting services to search, negotiation, purchasing, and shipping of all types of industrial goods.

EYMAQ is strategically located in Miami, Latin America and Europe’s economic portal, and perhaps the most exciting city in the southeast region of the United States. Furthermore, Miami has an established infrastructure in all aspects: financial, port, airport, storage and other services.


In the mid 1950’s, in the city of Cali, Colombia, EYMAQ’s founders embarked on a unique venture: import industrial products for agricultural companies, specifically for sugar mills. The original name of the company at the time was “Equipos y Maquinaria Industrial Ltda.” from which they derived the current company name: EYMAQ.

With the passing of time and based on very efficient customer service they established an excellent reputation with their clients and international suppliers, earning exclusive representation for Colombia of leading agricultural machinery manufacturers. The company’s high level of specialization in the import business and the impeccable management of far-reaching operations allowed them to become a supplier of specialized industrial products for the iron and steel industry and, in the electrical sector, by becoming distributors for Colombia of Mitsubishi Heavy Products. Through this relationship, the company provisioned equipment for the Calima II and Anchicaya projects in Colombia.

In 1979 EYMAQ Inc., opened its headquarters in Miami, Florida, establishing itself in the market of global suppliers for the industrial sector, working with the best known manufacturers, and expanding the spectrum of products and services they can provide their customers. Today, EYMAQ is highly qualified to equally serve the mining industry; fertilizer, tire, iron and steel manufacturers, and the cement and metal mechanic industries, among others. EYMAQ has provisioned goods and equipment to clients and/or projects of great importance.

With the opening of their new headquarters at the end of 2006 near Tamiami Airport in the southwest area of Miami, EYMAQ once again positions itself for a higher growth rate and service to its clients.

In 2007, EYMAQ launches a new division that establishes the company as a leader in industrial project management and consulting. The new division is EYMAQ PROJECT MANAGEMENT, a division focused exclusively in providing consultation and management services to clients with regards to new or existing plant expansions, alterations and/or modernization projects.

In 2012 EYMAQ is very proud to launch EYMAQ Safety. After years of supplying the safety requirements for an increasingly demanding market. This new division is solely focused on handling the specific needs of each individual customer. Bringing you the collective years of expertise and experience of EYMAQ but streamlined to help our clients be prepared for anything that may present itself.